Would you rather receive a bouquet of daisies or roses?

Are you more likely to buy an article of clothing if it has some sort of pattern on it?
nope. as long as it lokks good, i don't have aproblem.

Have you ever seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Have you ever given a powerpoint presentation?
yes. many times.

When was the last time you ate a banana?
probably a month ago.

Oral sex: awesome or disgusting?

Would you rather have sex on the beach or the drink "sex on the beach"?
the drink. (:

Do you have a headache right now?

Is it windy outside?
no. actually it's sunny and hot. IT'S SUMMER, BITCHES!

Do you have your heat on?

Would you like to get your own place soon?
yes. in a few years i guess.

Christmas lights: white or colored?
both are nice.

Do you think the texture of velvet feels good?

Do you have work today?
no. i don't have a job.

How late did you stay up last night?
3:00am .

Do you enjoy collecting seashells when you're at the beach?

Is there any dirt under your fingernails at the moment?

Are your feet cold?
not really.

Would you rather be stuck in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?
omg idfk. neither.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?

Have you ever seen An Inconvenient Truth?

That movie's pretty intense. What's your stance on global warming?
it needs to stop i don't get how people don't believe in it.

"Slightly bruised and broken..." Can you finish this lyric?
i cannot!

Don't you miss the old Snick shows from the 90s?

What was the last song you downloaded?
warm whispers by missy higgins.

I have 1213 songs on my iTunes. Do you have more than me?
i dont have itunes, but on i used to have like 3 thousand. now e i have 724.

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  1. wir muessen bld telefonieren, wenn ich weider da bin, meine html kenntnissse lassen sichs cheinbar nicht mehr auffrischen und ich habe keine dateien mehr auf meinem PC zu hause.
    allein die tatsaceh, dass du hier unten ein bild von dir hast is geil :DDDD ♥