1. What is your age? 17.
2. What are you afraid of? losing my fam.
3. Have you ever been in a car accident? nope.
4. Who do you admire? my dad.
5. What is some good advice? listen to your ♥.

1. When is your birthday? 3rd march.
2. Do you have a brother? yes.
3. Is one of your favorite colors black? yep.
4. Are you bored right now? yes. a lot.
5. What did you eat for breakfast today? toast.

1. Have you ever been to/lived in Canada? no.
2. What kind of cell phone do you own? sony ericsson.
3. Have you ever cheated on a test? hehe. maybe. :)
4. What is one of your best childhood memories? playing with my cousins. ♥
5. Is Christmas your favorite holiday? i think so. besides the summer.

1. Do you own a dog? no.
2. What is your Dad's name? jürgen. :'DDDDDDDDDDD
3. Does death scare you? no.
4. Do you hate the dentist? sometimes.
5. What is the most disgusting thing you've ever witnessed? ...

1. Have you ever bought something from eBay? nope.
2. What emotion are you feeling right now? tired. happy. amused.
3. What is the name of your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend? d.
4. What do you think of elephants? o0
5. Who was the last person you received an e-mail from? schvz. :'D

1. How many people are in your family? a lottt.
2. What was your first date like? eh okay.
3. Have you ever been to France? yupp.
4. Who is your best friend? THEE. <33333
5. What do you have planned for the future? getting the hell away from here.

1. Are you a girl? yes.
2. What's your favorite game? skip bo.
3. What's the last thing you Googled? james dean.
4. Do you like the color green? yeah.
5. Do you have a gazebo? nope.

1. What color is your hair? brown.
2. Do you think school is/was hard? no.
3. Are you heartbroken? yes.
4. When's the last time you played hide-and-seek? long time ago, hate that game.
5. Have you ever ridden a horse? yup.
1. Do you like ice cream? yesss. what a stupid question.
2. Have you ever been ice skating? yeah.
3. Are you Irish? no. :'D
4. Have you ever been to a tropical island? no.
5. Do you straighten your hair with an iron? sometimes.

1. What's your favorite kind of juice? wildcherry ice tea.
2. Do you have a job? not at the moment. but sooooon.
3. Do you like Jolly Ranchers? what's this?
4. What's the weirdest thing you've ever jumped over? ... XDDDDDDDDDDDD
5. Do you like Justin Timberlake? ...

1. Do you like ketchup on hamburgers? of course.
2. Have you ever seen a kangaroo? at the zoo.
3. Who was the last person you kissed? idk.
4. Do you like kittens? so cute. love them.
5. What's a good knock-knock joke? knock knock jokes suck.

1. Do you make funny faces when you eat lemons? not when i eat lemons. but pretty much at all times otherwise. :D
2. What's the last thing that made you laugh? rollercoaster.
3. Do you like this survey? i guess.
4. Are you lazy? :)
5. Do you like lobster? neever had it.

1. What's your Mom's name? rosa.
2. Did you ever want a monkey as a pet? no.
3. How do you make money? allowance.
4. Do you like mac-n-cheese? yeah.
5. What makes you mad? my brother's behaviour. ._.

1. What's new? my entry.
2. What's your nickname(s)? natty. talia.
3. Do you enjoy nighttime? sleepytime. :)
4. Do you live in a noisy area? yes.
5. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? nope.

1. Do onions make you cry? no.
2. What's your favorite object? my books.
3. Is your favorite color orange? no.
4. How long have you been online? 2 hours.
5. Have you ever had an operation? never.

1. Do you live with both parents? yup.
2. What's in your purse? hmmm i dunno. money. pictures. my ID.
3. What's your first period in school? don't know yet.
4. Who's your favorite person? thee. <333 / chell, con, julante, bambi.
5. Do you have many pictures of yourself? not since i've deleted my picture folder accidentally.

1. Are these questions boring? ...
2. How quick can you run? not quick. :'D
3. What's your favorite quote? tylers last quote from MEMOIRS.
4. Did you ever quit anything that was hard to quit? no.
5. Are you a quiet person? i can be a lot of the time.

1. Are you against racism? yeah.
2. Do you enjoy reading? hell YES! i love it.
3. Do you have bad luck when it comes to relationships? ...
4. What's something you'll always remember? everything i hope.
5. Do you like having certain responsibilities? eh sure.

1. Is/was science your favorite subject in school? no.
2. What do you like about school? people, well some people, just having fun i guess.
3. Are you sensitive? no.
4. Are you single? yes.
5. Do you like summer more than winter? no.

1. Are you taken? noo.
2. Do you drink tea? yep.
3. Who did you last text? thee. <3
4. Don't you hate being caught in traffic? yeah i yell at cars.
5. How fast can you type? no idea.

1. Do you believe unicorns exist? no. well ... actually YES. :'D

2. What color are your underwear? red.
3. Have you been to university? not yet.
4. What's your username? nattygras.
5. Do/did you have to wear a uniform to school? ugh no.

1. Have you ever gotten a computer virus? no.
2. What are some of your values? idk.
3. Do you like to visit people? yes.
4. What is the view out of the nearest window? neighborhood and roads.
5. Have you ever played a virtual reality game? no.

1. What are you doing this weekend? thee will be back from her vacation.
2. Do you like winter? yes.
3. Do you like the color white? sure.
4. Where do your parents work? my mom doesn't work and my dad ... (ka, wie es auf englisch heißt.) :'D
5. Do you write poetry? sometimes.

1. What part of your body did you last get x-rayed? my teeth.
2. Have you ever played a xylophone? yes.

1. Do you like the color yellow? its okay.
2. What do you like most about yourself? ugh i dunno.
3. Who's the youngest in your family? my bro.
4. What year in school are you? ... i'm not in school anymore. but i guess SOPHOMORE.
5. Who did you yell at last? mum.

1. Do you like zebras? i guess.
2. Do you use the soap Zest? no.
3. Have you ever gotten the zipper on your coat caught in your shirt? yes.
4. What's your favorite zoo animal? big cats.
5. What's your zodiac sign? pisces. (:

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